The Winners! Flash Fiction Competition for Shoreline of Infinity Readers 2020

Sound the trumpets!


Michael Hatchett – Self.Check.Out


Lindz McLeod – The Metaverse
L. P. Melling – How Ulysses became the first intergalactic Bestseller

The three winning stories are published in Shoreline of Infinity 19

Here’s what the judges had to say:

Report from Aileen Brady, on behalf of the 2020 Flash Fiction Judging Panel:

“Firstly, from someone who has chickened out at the last minute so many times, I appreciate what it takes to let go of a story and submit it to be judged. It was a relief to find this respect was shared with the other masters students on the panel. We are all at various stages of the same journey.

“Everyone desperately wants to escape the endless grim and depressing headlines but it takes an exceptional effort of will to try to see the funny side of anything right now. On top of that, writing comedy is notoriously difficult without the added dimension of sci-fi. It was inspiring to discover such original and imaginative writing and so many styles of humour including dark, black, wry, sly, sweet and sour.

“With the added challenge of Zoom calls, Noel and Mark made it hugely fun with their Eurovision style final session. Those entries that made it through all had their champions and we had an entertaining evening slogging it out. In the end there was a clear favourite, complete with a satisfying selection of runners-up. I learned loads from the process, so if you get the chance to experience this, don’t hesitate.”

Thanks go to our judges:
Aileen Brady, Rob Briggs, Barry Didcock, Makenzie Petroccia, Ellie Sivins, Stephanie Stewart – all excellent students on the MA Creative Writing course at Napier University in Edinburgh. They took to the task with diligence and enthusiasm, and were a pleasure to work with. Mark Toner, Shoreline of Infinity co-founder joined us at the last exciting stage.

Michael Hatchett wins £50 and his story was read live by Danielle Farrow at Shoreline of Infinity’s Event Horizon on 26th November. You can watch this event again and listen to the story at Event Horizon – Launching Shoreline of Infinity 19

All three prize winners receive of Shoreline of Infinity 19, and a year’s subscription to Shoreline of Infinity Magazine.

Thanks go to every writer who submitted a story, and for providing us with bags of entertainment. 

Noel Chidwick