Upcoming submissions call – science fiction fairy tales

Seeking revenge for her Grandma, Little Red journeys to the City of the Wolves

In September 2022 we’re going to publish a themed issue of Shoreline of Infinity. Sharpen up your laser-driven quill: we’re looking for science fictional fairy tales.

This special issue is to be guest-edited by Teika Bellamy, who edited a beautiful series of such tales called The Forgotten and the Fantastical.*

This is an advance call: the submission window for this themed issue is open from  4th April to the 14th April 2022.

Let Teika tell you what she is looking for:

“As a former research scientist and fan of all things fae, I’m on the lookout for fairy tales – but with a science fictional/speculative twist.

Send me your stories of Cinderellas in space; steampunk Sleeping Beauties; original fairy tales in lush new worlds or parallel universes. Mash together ancient folklore with advanced technology. It’s all good! But remember – at its heart, the fairy tale is a tale of the darkness within and without; of good triumphing over evil.

“Though sometimes a “baddy” may win out in order to teach us a valuable life lesson (have a read of ‘The Companionship of the Cat and Mouse’ as recorded by the Brothers Grimm for a good example of this). But whatever you choose to send me, make it the very best tale it can be.

“I look forward to reading your submissions!”

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*You can order a copy of The Forgotten and the Fantastical 5: Modern fables and ancient tales from this website.