A Voyage to Arcturus and a New Frontier

ArcturusThis spring, the intrepid explorers of Merchiston Publishing will boldly go where few twenty-first century Earthlings have gone before, and release a new edition of the lost science-fiction classic, A Voyage to Arcturus. David Lindsay’s sweeping philosophical venture through space gets a fresh new spin. Our crisp cover and fonts dreamt up by our savvy designers, Margot Reverdiau and Ruth Grindley marry Arcturus’ constellation with the glittering vintage style of roaring 20s pizzazz.

Not only will Merchiston Publishing release a special limited edition print, we are also pleased to announce our partnership with Shoreline of Infinity to produce a free ebook for a more widespread audience!

You can hear the Arcturus voyagers discuss our exciting collaboration at Shoreline of Infinity’s next Event Horizon at The Blind Poet on April 4th in the run-up toward A Voyage to Arcturus’ release in May 2016!

Find out more about A Voyage to Arcturus and follow our progress by visiting our Facebook page ( /avoyagetoarcturus ) or follow us on Twitter (@ArcturusVoyage).

-Sophie Pinkoski

A Voyage to Arcturus is a classic that deserves a a new life and we’re really delighted to be able to support the team with this project.

Noel Chidwick
Editor, Shoreline of Infinity