Watch the Signs! Watch the Signs!

At the Ship Inn, Shoreline of Infinity. Artwork by Mark toner.

Watch the Signs! Watch the Signs!

Get Your Pub Sign Photos In a Forthcoming Science Fiction Book.

Would you like to see your photos published in a science fiction related pub sign study?

Easily done.

I’m Preston based writer and poet Arthur Chappell  and am writing a book on science fiction, fantasy and horror themed pub signs, to be published by Shoreline of Infinity in 2019. Already I have a fine collection, but am always looking for more.

This summer, if you see a science fictional pub sign take a photograph, and send it to us via the form below.

Photos should be of the signs, not general shots of the pub. Be sure they are clear, crisp and ideally taken in daylight. Please make note of the location of the pub, and any other relevant information you may find. Photographers contributing images will get a free digital copy of Watch The Signs! Watch The Signs! On its release in April 2019, and a discount on a print edition. All contribution will be fully credited in the book, and you will retain all the rights to your own images.

All photos used must be an original copyright image, so please don’t just send photos found online.

Pub sign photos particularly needed;

The Devil’s Stone Inn – Shebbear, Beaworthy, The Wizard At Edge, Alderley Edge, The Black Smock Inn, Stathe  Somerset, The Charles Darwin, Sutton, Shrewsbury, The Albert Inn Totnes, The Early Bird, Nottingham, Man In Space – Bristol , The H G Wells  Worcester Park, Kettering,  The Witch And Wardrobe Lincoln, The Ancient Mariner Hove, Uncle Tom’s Cabin Wincanton.  Also one sign from inside a pub, The Wolf And Whistle sign is contained inside the Tan Hill Tavern, Yorkshire Dales National Park, Richmond DL11 6ED

Happy Hunting.
Arthur Chappell

  • Pub details

  • If possible. If you don't know the full address, please provide as much as you can.
  • Tell us anything you think we would like to know - especially any story you have picked up about this sign.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, tif, Max. file size: 64 MB.
    Upload no more than 4 images at a time. Please make sure they are high resolution, in sharp focus and good clear images. If you are uploading photographs for more than one pub, use a separate form for each pub.
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