We have a winner! Meet Dee Raspin

Dee Raspin with Airship by Stephen Pickering
Dee Raspin with Airship by Stephen Pickering

Here at the Shoreline Beach Tavern we are delighted to announce that we have a winner of our Short Story Competition for Readers. Our winner is Dee Raspin, and her winning story is called The Great Golden Fish. The story is an enchanting blend of Scottish folk tale and science fiction; it captures the spirit of Stephen Pickering’s artwork, and gives it that twist we look for in a good story to take us someplace else.

We’re looking forward to publish the story in Shoreline of Infinity 3 (due out at the end of March).

Congratulations, Dee, we’re chuffed to have you join us around our fire here at the Shoreline of Infinity.

And thanks too to all the other writers who sent us stories – we enjoyed reading them all, and wish you all happy writing.

You can follow Dee on Twitter: @DeeRaspin