We want your words

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We Want Your Words

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Thought it was time to remind you all of the submissions we have open.

Story submissions

Send us your best science fiction story up to 5,000 words long. Take a read of the submissions page to get a feel for the kind of story we like, or better yet, read an issue or two. If you’ve got anything with a touch of humour, so much the better.

We don’t have a minimum length, please note, but watch out for our flash fiction competition opening very shortly.

Full details – Story submissions page.

We’re open until 30th June.

Science Fiction poetry

Mmm, words.

We’re excited, and we mean that, to be publishing an International anthology of science fiction poetry, and that means we want more poems.

As we say on our submissions page:

We’re going to call it Multiverse – New International Science Fiction Poetry and it will be co-edited by Russell Jones and Rachel Plummer.

We are especially interested in considering poetry from BAME writers, and writers from other under-represented groups including LGBT+ writers and writers with disabilities. If you’ve ever felt excluded from, or not represented by, mainstream sci-fi – we want to hear from you. And the word International means what is says – we welcome poets from anywhere in the world.

If you want a taste of what we’re looking for, again, I can’t express this strongly enough – treat yourself to a copy of Shoreline of Infinity – there are some wonderful science fiction poems in every issue from issue 2 onwards.

Submit 3-8 poems at the poetry anthology submissions page.

We’re open until 30th June.


Mmm…erudite words

We have a strong team of reviewers, but a growing shelf of books to be reviewed. If you think you’ve got what it takes to review, send us a sample review. You can read reviews we’ve published on the website in the Reviews section, but, better yet, treat yourself to a copy of Shoreline of Infinity for the fill experience.

Reviewers Sought

So there you go. Lot’s of opportunities to contribute to Shoreline of Infinity – we look forward to seeing what you have to offer.

-Noel Chidwick
Editor, Shoreline of Infinity