What a year.

We’re having one heck of a ride here at the Shoreline of Infinity. In 2018 we:

For which we’ve been awarded the accolade of best magazine 2018 from the British Fantasy Society 

We’ve held:

and at the end of the year Russell Jones and I enjoyed an interview with Janice Forsyth on Radio Scotland. (listen from 1hr 48mins)

And into the New Year, we’ve had success in the BSFA Awards longlist, with Aliette de Bodard (short story), Ruth EJ Booth (non-fiction) and Siobhan McDonald (cover artists), all getting mentions.

For a small team of volunteers working in our ‘spare’ time, that’s one heck of an output, and one we’ve enjoyed immensely.

And many, many thanks to everyone who supported, encouraged, retweeted, shouted out, read, watched, joined us, listened, advised, edited, criticised or just nodded encouragingly.

Onwards, forwards and upwards into 2019

And for 2019 we’re looking forward to publishing 4 more magazines, a flash fiction anthology, a special issue of the magazine called Selected Stories, looking back at Issues 1 – 10 and we’re also publishing a book on genre pub signs, Watch the Signs! Watch the Signs! We’ve also just announced a joint story competition with Cymera – Scotland’s first science fiction, fantasy and horror writing festival.

Event Horizons will be continuing apace on the 2nd Thursday of every month, with a special one with the Edinburgh Science Festival, and Cymera is allowing us to take over the Saturday night with a Event Horizon.

There are a number of other projects we’re working on which we are desperate to get out there, but aren’t quite ready yet – keep your eyes peeled, signed up to our mailing list and visit the site. Best of all, pick up up a Shoreline of Infinity entity.

I’d better crack on then!

—Noel Chidwick
Shoreline of Infinity

What do you think?

We’re also using this time to think about what we are doing: what could we do better, what should we change? And we’d like to hear from you: our readers and audience; our writers, artists and other contributors; friends and critics. How are we doing so far?

Please let us know: we’ve set up a simple form to find out what you think about what we are doing, and what you would like to see. If you come to an Event Horizon, or read Shoreline of Infinity Magazine, or even don’t do either we’d like to hear your thoughts.

Click on the button here and  let us know. If you leave us your contact details, you will be added to a prize draw to win a £20 voucher to spend at the Shoreline Shop.

Issue 11 – All women special edition

Guest Editors: Pippa Goldschmidt, Caroline Grebbell
Guest Art Director: Monica Burns

Stories: Aliette de Bodard – A Slow Unfurling of Truth Emily Bowles – Write ME Karen Heuler – Heading for the Border Lith Amenti – Sacrifice For A Broken Sky Anna Ibbotson – Do No Harm Katy Lennon – #NoBadVibes Sim Bajwa – HR Confidential Jen Downes – Pearls That Were His Eyes Articles

SJ McGeachy on Frankenstein: The Nuts and Bolts
of Genre Mash-Up Jonatha Kottler – Confessions of a Science Fiction
She-nerd Interview: Lisanne Norman


Ruth EJ Booth regular column – Noise and Sparks: Beyond the Mountains

SF poetry by: Katherine McMahon, Catherine Edmunds, Paige Smith, Katie Fanthorpe


Caroline Grebbell – Slow Unfurling of Truth
M Luke McDonell – Pearls that were his Eyes
Jackie Duckworth – Write ME
Carol Wellart – Sacrifice for a Broken Sky and Heading for the Border
Jessica Good – Do No Harm
Becca McCall – #nobadvibes
Grace Wilson – HR

Cover by: Siobhan McDonald

Issue 11½ Edinburgh Science Festival Special Edition

Can SciFi Save Us? – Jane Yolen
A Cure for Homesickness – Anne Charnock
Winter in the Vivarium – Tim Major
Charlie, A Projecting Prestidigitator – Megan Neumann
Charlie’s Ant – Adrian Tchaikovsky
Pigeon – Guy Stewart
Candlemaker Row – Jane Alexander
Now a ragged breeze – Jane Yolen
The Sky is Alive – Michael F Russell
Mémé – Juliana Rew
The Morlock’s Arms – Ken MacLeod
South – Marge Simon
Monoliths – Paul McAuley
Goodnight New York, New York – Victoria Zelvin
A Distant Honk – Holly Schofield
The Day it All Ended – Charlie Jane Anders
Last of the Guerilla Gardeners – David L Clements
The Last Days of the Lotus Eaters – Leigh Harlen
We Have Magnetic Trees – Ian Hunter
“Working the High Steel” – Jennifer R Povey
Message in a Bottle – Davyne DeSye
Starscape – J.S. Watts
The Rest is Speculation – Eric Brown

Shoreline of Infinity 12

Ada Palmer – Interview
Robert Gordon _ Aeaea
Helen Jackson _ Do Not Pass GO
Anton Rose _ Jammers
J S Richardson _ Paradise Bird
W G White _ Sand and Rust
Elva Hills _ Sleeping Fire
Duncan Lunan _ The Square Fella

SF Poetry: Caroline Hardaker, Ken Poyner, Elizabeth Dulemba

Chris Kelso _ SF Caledonia Crossing the Starfield
Mark Toner _ The Beachcomber Presents
Ruth EJ Booth _ Noise and Sparks: Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Genre?

Shoreline of Infinity 13

Esme Carpenter – Harry’s Shiver
Premee Mohamed  – The Time Between Time
Laura Young – Daughter
Bo Balder – Splitting Up
Caroline Grebbell – Goodnight Rosemarinus
Tim Major – Cast In the Same Mould
Rachel Armstrong – Origamy (extracts)
Preston Grassmann – The Silk Tower of Beijing

Poetry: Tris Crest. Charlotte Ozment, Nate Maxson

New for Shoreline of Infinity 13 – Six Word Science Fiction Stories
Gregg Chamberlain, Dane Divine, Michael Stroh

Art competition: we have a winner – Jimmy McGregor The Beachcomber Presents: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Mark Toner, Stephen Pickering & Tsu Beel
SF Caledonia: Chris Kelso on Preston Grassmann Plus an interview with Rachel Armstrong on her amazing debut novel Origamy