Event Horizon – The End of Days Video

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If you missed Event Horizon End of Days, fear not. Every word and picture was saved for posterity in video* and stored on our Youtube Channel.

It turned out to be quite a do, with Russell Jones and the editorial team putting on a show to mark the end of the first era of Shoreline of Infinity. As noted in “It is Time”  me and my co-founder, Mark Toner, are leaving the frontline of Shoreline of Infinity, and we are looking forward to many a sunset sitting on the Shoreline Ship deck with our feet up on the railings, our long-suffering and patient wives by our side.

And we do this knowing Shoreline of Infinity is in the capable hands of the editorial team: Russell Jones, Eris Young, Pippa Goldschmidt, Ann Landmann, Yasmin Kanaan and James T Harding. 

You can meet the team in the video; they are all talented individuals in their own right, and this Event Horizon was a good chance to show off their skills. They were also kind enough to give me and Mark a send-off we won’t forget in a long time. We were also pleased that Ken MacLeod joined in the entertainment too, reading a few short pieces of his own work.

Thanks team!

And thanks too to everyone who joined us at the Pleasance Cabaret Bar on a perishingly cold night, and thanks to all those who took the time to say a lot of kind words. Humbled, we are.

Mark and I are now looking forward to see where the team take Shoreline of Infinity in 2023

Enjoy the video,



*by Sandy at Channel7A,