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Artists In conversation: Mark Toner and Stephen Pickering

Encounter on Naar 6

Shoreline of Infinity artist Steve Pickering talks to art director Mark Toner on Steve’s home planet Naar 6.

In their discussion they chat about what is required to illustrate a science fiction story.

Visit the gallery of artwork that accompanies this event: Encounter on Naar 6 Gallery.

Steve's cover for Issue 16

Mark Toner, Art Director and co-founder of Shoreline of Infinity, has been drawing comics since the age of 6. Nowadays he writes and draws the Tales of the Beachcomber and the webcomic Magpie of Space ( as well as short, crazy videos on Blender.

Stephen Pickering (the one with the hat) has created some astonishingly brilliant covers and interior artwork for Shoreline of Infinity.

A creator by nature, Illustration only makes up a small part of his portfolio. Stephen “gave up” art for over 20 years, before being dragged back to it!

He has at times been both a street artist and publisher of greetings cards, but is currently spending a lot of time on his imaginary planet of Narr 6.      .

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