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LitRPG Showcase

Explore the newly-exploding genre of Literary RPGs

Find out about LitRPGs, a newly-exploding genre of fiction set in video-gaming worlds.

Publisher (Portal Books) Taran Matharu talks about the genre, with readings from Russell Jones, Jonathan Smidt and Jay Boyce.

Taran Matharu is the NYT bestselling author of the SUMMONER and CONTENDER series, published in 15 languages with over 2M+ English copies sold.

Jay Boyce is the author of A Touch of Power series published with Mountaindale Press. She is an editor-turned-author who also spends her time working with deaf students at her local university. Member of SFWA, Jay also won the Warriors and Wizards award for best new LitRPG author in 2019 and was nominated as a finalist for the Independent Audiobook Awards in 2020.  

Russell Jones is an Edinburgh-based writer and editor. He has published 7 books and has a PhD in Creative Writing.

Jonathan Smidt is a former Marine turned blue-haired author. Portal Books Author and creator of the Elemental Dungeon Series, and the popular online Web Novel Dungeon Core Online.

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