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Ask the Author – Cat Hellisen

“Destroying the lie of Plotter vs Pantser, and other unhelpful writing rules”

Do you plan your story to the tiniest detail, or do you make it up as you go along?
Are you looking for advice for your next writing project, and are bewildered about all the writing ‘rules’ out there? Cat Hellisen will be available to answers your questions.

First broadcast on 4pm, Sunday 16th August 2020

It’s a relaxed, Sunday afternoon, bring along your favourite mug laden with your beverage of choice and a slice of cake. It’s our first ‘Ask the Author.’
Cat Hellisen will be talking about writing process, and all the rules passed down as gospel to new writers. She’ll give you her take on writing rules, the why of them, and how and when to break them. As someone who believes there is no One True Way to write, she thinks writers should discover as many processes and approaches as they can, and experiment until they find the one that fits. If you have any questions about how to tackle writing and revising a novel or short story, Cat will share what she knows works for her, and will talk about the approaches other writers have found useful.
Cat Hellisen writes fantasy for adults and children and her style has been described as “vivid and lush”. She has lived in Cape Town,  Johannesburg, Knysna, and Nottingham, and currently lives in Fife, Scotland, where the forests and the fields and the Forth provide constant inspiration.
Her latest novel Bones Like Bridges was published in June.

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