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Yolen, Walton, Plummer and Palmer Reunion – Event Horizon Online Live!

Join Shoreline of Infinity for our annual reunion of SF writers Jane Yolen, Jo Walton, Rachel Plummer and Ada Palmer – readings and chat, with a live audience Q&A.

Jane Yolen is the author of 390 published books with her eyes on #400. She has won 2 Nebulas, several World Fantasy and Myopoeic awards,   had a movie starring Kirsten Dunst of her novel Devil’s Arithmetic. Several more movies and stage plays have been optioned. She is writing a musical about the Children’s Crusade,  is in a folk band, and is writing a novel that  begins where Moby Dick left off. She lives part-time in Scotland. And in her 80’s she has re-met a college boyfriend whom she dated 62 years ago. and they are engaged.

Rachel Plummer is a poet, storyteller, keen knitter and former student of nuclear astrophysics. They are a New Writers Award recipient and their latest book,  Wain, is a collection of poems retelling Scottish myths and folklore from an LGBT+ perspective.

Ada Palmer is the author Terra Ignota (beginning with Too Like the Lightning) which examines a 25th century of borderless intermixing nations. She is a history professor at the University of Chicago where she studies the Renaissance and Enlightenment, especially science, heresy, freethought, atheism, censorship, books, and printing. Blog:

Jo Walton is the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Award winning author of 15 novels, most recently Or What You Will. She also writes poetry and blogs about books. She enjoys reading, travel, food, travel, theatre, travel, conventions, travel, seeing her friends, and travel. She comes from Wales and lives in Montreal.

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