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Ru Pringle in Conversation with Noel Chidwick

Scottish writer Ru Pringle talks about his near-future thriller set in the west coast of Scotland, and discusses humour and folk music in science fiction.

Aided and abetted by Shoreline of Infinity Editor-in-Chief, Noel Chidwick.

Ru talks about ‘October Song’, set in a post-post Independent Scotland, This novel features an awful lot of journeying around the Sottish West Coast.

Ru also reads an extract from his newly published ‘Surfers’ – a near end of the Universe romp set in the folk scene of 1990s Edinburgh, and he and Noel finish with a chat about humour in science fiction.

Ru Pringle has written for a living since his late teens, with features in various magazines and newspapers.

His early short fiction was published in Interzone. After several years as a touring musician, his first books were published in 2018: ‘A Time of Ashes and Hunting Gods’, parts 1 & 2 of the fantasy / SF epic Fate and the Wheel.

He has just published his 2-part space opera ‘The Seed’ and humorous SF novel ‘Surfers’, as well as working on screenplays including a TV adaptation of October Song. He lives in the SW Highlands of Scotland.

Ru on the Web (including links to his books)

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