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Book Launch – Biopolis: Tales of Urban Biology

New visions of city living through the laser-sharp lenses of biological research.

Readings and chat from:

Clare Duffy
Pippa Goldschmidt
Gavin Inglis
Neil Williamson
Andrew J. Wilson
Kirsti Wishart
Vivek Senthivel

Editors: Larissa Pschetz, Jane McKie, Elise Cachat

Cutting-edge life science meets speculative fiction.

In Biopolis, we have explored new visions of city living through the lenses of biological research.

We invited a selection of prominent writers living in Scotland to engage in conversations with cutting-edge researchers based at the University of Edinburgh in order to create speculative stories about the impact of biotechnology on urban life. The resulting tales of brain simulation, mobile and malleable buildings, bio-recycling, biodesigned species, altered bodies and microbial communication simultaneously speak to our very human longings for connection, for recognition, for freedom; ultimately, they articulate our perennial aspiration to find better ways of living.

Mostly set in Scotland, these are deeply human and universal accounts of bio-based futures that illuminate the relevance of research in synthetic biology, biochemistry, bioengineering, computational biology, and biomedicine to our collective goals.

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