Vote for Independents

When we (Al Murray and myself) set up Elsewhen Press in 2011, we were greeted with a degree of incredulity by friends and colleagues. Although we had some experience of traditional media, our background was predominantly in new media. We had dabbled a bit in general fiction but had found it too hard to compete […]

Shoreline on Sunday

Somewhere in this rather large universe of ours, today is Sunday. The Sunday of which I speak is the slow-moving, gentle creature of a Sunday, waking up to the heavy newspapers and a cooked breakfast. And lashings of hot tea. That’s my culture’s idea of a good start to the one day of the week […]

Science fiction needs more love

This is something I see more and more evidence of every day as a fan of the genre, and I’ve only been reading it in earnest for the last few years.
—Lisa McCurrach

Join us on Shoreline on Sunday

We’re looking for guest writers for our blog, Shoreline on Sunday. We’re offering a platform for folk with something interesting and entertaining for our science fiction oriented audience. We’re looking to widen horizons, broaden outlooks, raise some laughs, make us think. We’re particularly interested in hearing about science fiction from other cultures so we warmly welcome […]