Launching the Elements of Time

Duncan Lunan photo: Stewart Horne

  We had to have a launch. Duncan wanted it in his home Troon, and that was fine by us. Now, we’ve been running successful Event Horizons for over a year in Edinburgh. An Event Horizon, or more formerly Shoreline of Infinity’s Event Horizon, are monthly science fiction mini festivals we host in in the Blind Poet.  A […]

Women Science Fiction Writers

Many thanks to all you writers who have submitted stories to the magazine. We’re getting through them, so please be patient while we read them. We do read every one, and agonize when we have to say no to a perfectly good story which does not quite fit what we are looking for at that […]

Shoreline of Infinity 4 – available now

Shoreline Issue 4 Cover. Cover by Sara Julia.

A summer special magazine of science fiction. Featuring stories from Gary Gibson and Andrew J Wilson and interviews with Ken MacLeod and Tricia Sullivan, and a new column by BSFA award winning writer Ruth EJ Booth.

A Voyage to Arcturus and a New Frontier

This spring, the intrepid explorers of Merchiston Publishing will boldly go where few twenty-first century Earthlings have gone before, and release a new edition of the lost science-fiction classic, A Voyage to Arcturus. David Lindsay’s sweeping philosophical venture through space gets a fresh new spin. Our crisp cover and fonts dreamt up by our savvy […]

Gareth Powell and Peter F. Hamilton

At the February 2016 British Science Fiction Association monthly meeting, Peter F Hamilton interviewed Gareth Powell. Two great British SF writers in one convenient package. I wonder what would be the result of a collaboration between these two? For those of who were not able to make the journey to London, here’s a video recorded by Chad Dixon.

A Niche in Time

When I started writing back in the early ’90s there was Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction. You knew where you were back then, with rigidly defined rules of doubt and uncertainty. Sure, there was some market fracturing – ghost story markets didn’t like to think of themselves as horror for example, but as a rule […]

The Anatomy Lesson

Pippa Goldschmidt. I’m in the middle stage of writing my next novel which is partly set in a Swiss Tuberculosis (TB) sanatorium in the 1920s.