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Pippa Goldschmidt, Joyce Chng and Brian M Milton

We have a real contrast for you today.

Pippa Goldschmidt weaves a tale around of when she met the first woman in space, Valentina Tereshkova at the Royalo Observatory in Edinburgh;
Brian M Milton recounts an extraordinary game of football in Glasgow – the game involves tentacles –
and Joyce Chng joins us from Singapore with an extract from Water into Wine, her space opera with a difference.

(viewing tip: get yourself a drink, relax into your chair, and play the first video: the others take to the stage in order automatically. You don’t have to put down your glass.)

Pippa Goldschmidt is a writer based in Edinburgh and, more recently, in Frankfurt. She writes fiction about science  – sometimes speculatively, sometimes not. She also writes poetry and non-fiction, and is currently working on a long essay contrasting her family’s history in Germany with the story of the Universe.

Pippa is the non-fiction editor of Shoreline of Infinity. Her more recent work can be found in Scotland in Space, Multiverse – an international anthology of science fiction poetry, Mslexia and on BBC Radio 4.

She’s the co-editor of the upcoming anthology ‘Uncanny Bodies’ to be published later this year by Luna Press.

Pippa is reading from her essay ‘The Cosmonaut and the Egg’ which bears a passing resemblance to her essay ‘Alternative Geometries’ recently published on Litro:

Come visit her at

and @goldipipschmidt on Twitter

Brian M Milton is a member of the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers Circle and is very glad to have contributed to this anthology, Flotation Device, raising money for charities working hard in this time of pestilence.

Flotation Device is available from

You can find Brian on Twitter as @munchkinstein


Joyce Chng lives in Singapore.

Their fiction has appeared in The Apex Book of World SF II, We See A Different Frontier, Cranky Ladies of History, and Accessing The Future. Joyce also co-edited THE SEA IS OURS: Tales of Steampunk Southeast Asia with Jaymee Goh.

Their recent space opera novels deal with wolf clans (Starfang: Rise of the Clan) and vineyards (Water into Wine)respectively.

You can find them at and @jolantru on Twitter. (Pronouns: she/her, they/their)

Water Into Wine can be purchased from my publisher Annorlunda Books


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