Settle in, for tonight we have:
Tendai Huchu, Atzi and Neil Willamson

Tendai is reading from his short story Corialis, featuring a pandemic on a distant planet; we have archive Event Horizon footage of Atzi is improvising on the cello to the artwork in  Shoreline of Infinity 3 and Neil reads Rare as a Harpy’s Tear, from the anthology  Flotation Device.

(viewing tip: get yourself a drink, relax into your chair, and play Tendai’s video. Atzi and Neil will follow automatically)

T.L. Huchu’s work has appeared in ‘Lightspeed’, ‘Interzone’, ‘AfroSF’, ‘The Apex Book of World SF 5’, ‘Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine’, ‘Mystery Weekly’, ‘The Year’s Best Crime and Mystery Stories 2016’, and elsewhere.

He is the winner of a Nommo Award for African SFF, and has been shortlisted for the Caine Prize and the Grand prix de l’Imaginaire. His new fantasy novel ‘The Library of the Dead’, the first book in the Edinburgh Nights series, will be published by Tor in the US and UK in 2021.

Tendai is fiction guest editor of Shoreline of Infinity 18, a BAME special issue.

Tendai, originally from Zimbabwe, currently lives in Edinburgh.

Find himon Twitter @TendaiHuchu


Atzi Muramatsu is a Japanese composer and cellist living in Edinburgh. He studied contemporary composition with Professor Nigel Osborne at the University of Edinburgh, and attained MMus Composition in 2012.

His works encompass music for concerts, contemporary dance, poetry, painting, and films. His music features in three BAFTA winning films, one of which won BAFTA Scotland Best Composer New Talent Awardin 2016. He is a member of Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra and leads contemporary string quartet Lipsync for a Lullaby.

Atzi has worked with Shoreline of Infinity a few times since his first appearance here on 21st March 2016. He’s a master of taking inspiration from an image presented to him and turning that into an emotional response on the cello. Goosebumps all round.

Play this loud.

Atzi’s website:

Twitter: @AtziComposer

Neil Williamson is a writer and musician, from Glasgow, Scotland. Neil is a regular at science fiction and fantasy conventions, and is a long time member of Glasgow Science Fiction Writers’ Circle.

Neil has appeared a few times at a meatspace Event Horizon, both as a talented writer reading his liquid prose, but also as one half of burlesque cabaret duo  Markee De Saw and Bert Finkle.

Visit Neil’s website 

Neil’s story, Rare as a Harpy’s Tear is published in Flotation Device, edited by E M Faulds.  Flotation Device is  a charity anthology from the Glasgow SF Writers’ Circle (e-book) profits go to help victims of the COVID-19/coronavirus epidemic.

Order your very own copy from



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