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In conversation: Rhiannon A Grist and Ely Percy

Parallel Prose

Discussing Parallel Universes and Parallel Lives.

Catch-up. A great evening chatting about all the possibilities, adventures and fun a writer can have when all the universes are open to their imagination.

Rhiannon A Grist is a Welsh writer living in Edinburgh.

She writes “cool-as-fuck, Black Mirror-esque” Weird, Sci Fi and Horror fiction inspired by her deepest fears. Her work has been published by Shoreline of Infinity, Gutter, Monstrous Regiment and Hedera Felix, and featured in Best of British Science Fiction 2019.

Ely Percy is a genre-bending Scottish author whose first publication was a letter-cum-poem in Big! magazine (1994).

Since then, they’ve released a memoir (Cracked, JKP, 2002), a novel (Vicky Romeo Plus Joolz, Knight Errant Press, 2019) and over fifty short stories. Their second novel Duck Feet (Monstrous Regiment) is due out in Winter 2020.

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