Please welcome to the stage… Ru Pringle and T H Dray

The plan is to post new readings here on Shoreline of Infinity’s Event Horizon Online every Thursday night. I see it is 11.45pm, so I’ve just made it. That’s my Lockdown commitment. We’ve got a fantastic pair tonight. Ru Pringle is a writer based in Dunoon, and he was recommended to me by Ken MacLeod. […]

T H Dray reading The Worms of Talav

T H Dray reads The Worms of Talav, a flash poem-story about clever, kind, blue earthworms from another world.
She is reading from her Lockdown Location in Glasgow.

Ru Pringle reads from “October Song”

Ru Pringle joins us at Event Horizon Online from his Lockdown Location in Dunoon in Scotland.
He is reading an extract from his latest novel, October Song, set in the near future and takes us on a nail-biting chase around the Highlands.