Ru Pringle reads from “October Song”

Ru Pringle joins us at Event Horizon Online from his Lockdown Location in Dunoon in Scotland.
He is reading an extract from his latest novel, October Song, set in the near future and takes us on a nail-biting chase around the Highlands.

October Song

After a devastating bomb attack in Edinburgh, capital of the territory of North Britain, as society buckles beneath the pressures of climate change and mass migration, a police officer is pursued by MI5 up the territory’s wild and lawless west coast.

October Song can be purchased here –

Ru Pringle has written for a living since his late teens, with features in various magazines and newspapers.

His early short fiction was published in Interzone. After several years as a touring musician, his first books were published in 2018: A Time of Ashes and Hunting Gods, parts 1 & 2 of the fantasy / SF epic Fate and the Wheel.

He’s in final edits of 2-part space opera ‘The Seed’ and humorous SF novel ‘Surfers’, as well as working on screenplays including a TV adaptation of October Song. He lives in the SW Highlands of Scotland.

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