T H Dray reading The Worms of Talav

T H Dray reads The Worms of Talav, a flash poem-story about clever, kind, blue earthworms from another world.
She is reading from her Lockdown Location in Glasgow.

T. H. Dray is an emerging writer who lives in Glasgow and works with a local arts charity. She is a member of the Glasgow Sci-Fi Writers’ Circle and identifies as lifelong aro/ace.

The Worms of Talav is published in Flotation Device, edited by E M Faulds.  Flotation Device is  a charity anthology from the Glasgow SF Writers’ Circle (e-book) profits go to help victims of the COVID-19/coronavirus epidemic.

You can find The Worms of Talav at: www.flotationdevicebook.co.uk and follow T. H. Dray on twitter @thdray1



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